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Celebrate Teaching

The Celebrate Teaching! Awards program highlights excellence in teaching, teaching innovation, and educational leadership at the university. The program acknowledges the impact instructors of all kinds have on our campus and our community.  

Congratulations to our nominees and recipients for 2018!

The following are the nominees and award recipients for the 2018 calendar year.

Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Emma Bartfay

Dr. Emma Bartfay, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences (winner)

Dr. Emma Bartfay, winner of the 2018 UOIT Excellence in Teaching Award, as she walks towards the podium to accept the award.  Emma Bartfay teaches Epidemiology, Global Health and Communicable Diseases in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Ontario Tech University.  Through her teaching, she tirelessly encourages students to use what they learn to make the world better.

Serena Sohrab, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business and Information Technology
Scott Aquanno, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities        


Early Career Teaching Award

Jen Renaldi making a speech

Dr. Jen Rinaldi, Assistant Professor, Legal Studies (winner)

Jen Rinaldi’s research takes up how non-normative bodies are read, marked, and produced in and through socio-legal discourse. Her teaching expertise includes legal theory, disability and health law, as well as human rights advocacy and socio-political movements in relation to law. 

Vivian Stamatopoulos, Assistant Teaching Professor, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
Shannon Vettor, Associate Teaching Professor, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
Olena Zenkina, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science

 Student Choice Award

Dr. Patricia Riley receiving her award

Dr. Patricia Riley, Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Health Sciences (winner)

Patricia Riley began teaching two years ago as a hobby, and it didn't take long for her to realize that it was her passion! Her favorite courses include Anatomy & Physiology, and Pathophysiology. One day she hopes to teach fulltime.

Click here to download a list of the Student Choice Award nominees

Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

 Matthew McCue

Matthew McCue, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences (winner)

Matthew McCue is a master’s candidate that is researching skill acquisition and talent identification in elite athletes under the supervision of Dr. Nick Wattie.

Jordan Anderson, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Science
Abigail Graham, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Health Sciences
Mark Snow, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
Hanyue Xu, Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Teaching Innovation Award

Ilona Kletskin receiving her award

 Ilona Kletskin, Senior Teaching Professor in Mathematics, Faculty of Science (winner) 

Professor Kletskin has taught at the university since 2003 and primarily teach large first year classes. Her research interest is in mathematics education, focusing on active learning and the use of technology in teaching. 

Connie Thurber, Associate Teaching Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

Tim McTiernan Student Mentorship Award

Dr. Jeremy Bradbury

Dr. Jeremy Bradbury, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science (winner)

Jeremy Bradbury has been a faculty member in Computer Science at Ontario Tech University since 2007 where he teaches a range of courses from first year introductory programming to senior graduate courses. In addition to teaching, Prof. Bradbury is the leader of the Software Quality Research Lab and the faculty sponsor of the Ontario Tech ACM-Women Student Chapter. Prof. Bradbury is also passionate about Computer Science education and is actively researching the use of educational games to enhance learning in undergraduate programming courses.

Bernard Fitzpatrick, Post-doctoral Fellow, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science
Leigh Harkins, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
Sharon Lauricella, Professor, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
Manon Lemonde, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences 

See what our students have to say about their instructors

"I looked forward to going to all his lectures. He taught in a manner that made it easy to stay engaged and want to keep learning. He demonstrated passion towards teaching the subject and truly cared about teaching the students."

"[My professor] is amazing. Her courses are tough but I enjoy the challenge. Knowing this I am motivated to study hard and I end the semester satisfied knowing I have gained an immense amount of knowledge."

"He was absolutely amazing and genuinely cares for his students! He was the reason I kept trying in the semester. He always encouraged us every class without fail and made us feel special."

"[She] is a very effective teacher. She takes time going through the concepts and does an amazing job explaining the problems with very good examples. She goes through these examples in detail and gives us a chance to think about what we are doing."