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Learning with Canvas

Introductory Canvas Tutorials

Canvas Overview

In this video, you will learn about navigating through Canvas and managing your dashboard and sidebar. (Last updated 2019-05-09). Canvas Overview Transcript.

Canvas Student App

This video is for Canvas Student app users on iOS and Android devices. The steps in this video are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps. To learn more about this topic, visit the Canvas Guides at Additionally, permissions and login steps vary between users and institutions, so what you see in this video may be different from what you see in the Student app. (Last updated 2019-08-29). Canvas Student App Transcript.

Assignments Overview

In this video, you will gain an overview of assignments in Canvas. (Last updated 2019-05-10). Assignments Overview Transcript.

Discussions Overview

In this video, you will learn how to view, reply to, and edit discussion posts. (Last updated 2019-06-13). Discussions Overview Transcript.