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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is web conferencing software. This synchronous platform can be used for virtual classrooms, peer or student collaboration, and office hours.

Adobe Connect can be used for synchronous (live) class sessions for online or hybrid courses. After logging into the Adobe Connect room, participants communicate with each other through webcams, audio, and chat. Virtual classrooms can use whiteboards, presentations, breakout rooms, polling, video, audio, and images to increase engagement and build a sense of community in the class.

Getting Started

To request an Adobe Connect room, please contact your Faculty Scheduler and provide the following information:

  • Course name and CRN
  • Instructor Name and Banner ID
  • Additional TAs or instructors who require access (include Banner IDs)
  • Day/time/duration of course

Your request will be forwarded to the central Scheduling Office, and then the IT department. When your Adobe Connect room is set up, you will receive an email with a link to your virtual classroom. This is the link you will share with students.


  • Synchronous lecture followed by a group discussion
  • Group activities in breakout rooms
  • Virtual office hours

Best Practices

  • Close your email and other programs if you are not using them in the presentation.
  • Upload your presentation slides before the class starts, rather than broadcasting your screen with PowerPoint open. Uploaded presentations have better quality.
  • Avoid using your laptop’s internal microphone for audio. A USB headset provides clearer audio and is very user friendly.
  • Find a quiet place to deliver your presentation - minimize interruptions and distractions.
  • Use the best Internet connection available.

The Teaching and Learning Centre has a collection of tutorial videos and other resources to help you use Adobe Connect in your teaching practice.


  • Adobe Connect Tools - Step-by-step instruction on how to access all the tools and functions. 


  • Preparing your session - Windows - Step-by-step instructions for preparing for an Adobe Connect session using Windows devices
  • Preparing your session - MAC - Step-by-step instructions for preparing for an Adobe Connect session using MAC devices
  • Logging into Adobe Connect - Instructions on how to log into Adobe Connect as a registered user rather than as a guest
  • Screen sharing - Learn how to share your device screen during an Adobe Connect session
  • Breakout rooms - In this tutorial you will learn how to set up breakout rooms and assign users to rooms
  • Using layouts - Managing layouts effectively can allow you to smoothly transition between activities
  • Sharing documents - This tutorial demonstrates how to share documents in an Adobe Connect session

Help and Support

If you’d like one-on-one support on Adobe Connect, fill out a:

Support Request Form

For technical support, including Adobe Connect setup, room requests, and audio/video support, please contact IT Support Services.