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Learning Technology

UOIT is a proud leader in the delivery of technology-enriched learning. The university uses a number of technology tools for communication, instruction, evaluation, and feedback in its classes. The Teaching and Learning Centre provides training and support in these tools. Want to try something new in your course? The Teaching and Learning Centre can help you experiment, innovate, and succeed in using technology.

Browse the TLC Learning Library

The TLC Learning Library is a suite of videos, tutorials, and other resources to help promote your use of learning technology in the classroom. This self-service library is designed to provide you with just-in-time learning for all of the tools the Teaching and Learning Centre supports. Some of the tools featured in the TLC Learning Library include:

  • Adobe Connect, for live, synchronous communication with your students and peers
  • Blackboard, the instutitution's learning management system
  • Kaltura, a media management and streaming service that integrates with Blackboard
  • G Suite, a group of Google tools for collaborative document creation

Book an Appointment


If you have questions about learning technology or would like one-on-one support, contact the Teaching and Learning Centre to book an appointment. Appointments are available in-person, over the phone or online via Adobe Connect or Skype, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We also invite you to register for our professional development programs and workshops, many of which focus on getting the most out of learning technology in the classroom.

Start a Project

If you would like to investigate novel ways to integrate technology into your teaching practice, or are in need of a new tool to support your students, consider starting a learning technology project with support from the Teaching and Learning Centre. 

To start a project with the Teaching and Learning Centre, begin by filling out our Project Initiation Form.