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Kaltura Virtual Classroom

Kaltura's Virtual Classroom is video conferencing software embedded in Canvas, which can be used for synchronous (live) online lectures. This tool is designed to engage your learners with tools such as breakout rooms, quizzes, video/audio capability and more. 

For an introduction to the Kaltura Virtual Classroom and its features, please view this Exploring Kaltura Virtual Classroom resource.

The Teaching and Learning Centre is also offering Kaltura Virtual Classroom workshops in June, July, and August 2020 to provide instructors with a basic introduction to the features and functionality of the Kaltura Virtual Classroom. 

Kaltura Video Platform

Kaltura’s Video Platform is a centralized online video screen recording tool that is embedded in Canvas. Kaltura offers a suite of features that allow you to easily integrate video into your course to increase student engagement. It is recommended that you upload your video content to the Kaltura Video Platform, in order to free up valuable file storage space within your Canvas course. 

The Teaching and Learning Centre is offering Kaltura Video Platform workshops in June, July, and August 2020 to provide instructors with a basic introduction of this tool. 


  • Embed quizzes within video to let your students self-evaluate their learning
  • Easily associate closed caption files with videos for accessible learning
  • Create a course media gallery (a YouTube-like channel) that you and your students can use to upload video, images, and audio. Then, make it social and allow commenting.
  • Students can upload/create videos in Canvas to post in assignments and discussion forums
  • Measure student engagement with video analytics

The Teaching and Learning Centre has a collection of resources below to help you use the Kaltura Video Platform in your teaching practice. 



How to Upload an Existing Video into Kaltura


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How to Save, Upload, and Process your Video 


How to Delete Unwanted Video Segments


How to Add Quiz Questions to a Video


How to Add Captions (if you already have a .srt file)


How to Share your Video Using a Link


How to Embed your Video into a Canvas Course


Student Instructions - Uploading a Kaltura Assignment


Using Express Capture to Record a Video


Porting Video Content from Blackboard to Kaltura


Help and Support

If you’d like one-on-one support using the Kaltura Virtual Classroom or the Kaltura Video Platform, book an appointment with a Teaching and Learning Centre staff by filling out a:

Support Request Form