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Peer Evaluation Tool

The Peer Evaluation Tool allows students to evaluate their own participation as well those of their peers in a group. It also allows students the opportunity to provide feedback based on each group member's contribution to the group project/assignment. Its customizable nature allows the instructor to design the specific criteria and scale according to their own needs, or use the template as-is if desired.

Getting Started

Please click on this Peer Evaluation Tool link to access the tool. You must be logged into your UOITnet account for this link to work. If you do not have an account, please visit UOITnet Account Request.

A Google Apps Script will then prompt you to give permission to run this tool. Please note that once you run this tool a log will be emailed to the Teaching and Learning Centre in order to track usage. The Teaching and Learning Centre will not have access to any of your student data, or any other content in your Google Drive.

Once you have accessed the tool, please visit the TLC Learning Library to view our Peer Evaluation Tool training resources.

Peer Evaluation Tool Resources

Video Tutorial: How to use the Peer Evaluation Tool Video - Adding a Content Area
Step 1: Create Groups in Blackboard PDF
Step 2: Export Groups from Blackboard and Import them into the Peer Evaluation Tool Spreadsheet PDF   
Step 3: Customize and Generate Peer Evaluation Form  PDF  
Step 4: Share the Peer Evaluation Form with your Students PDF  
Step 5: Analyze the Results PDF