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Interactive Whiteboard

The Teaching and Learning Centre has an interactive whiteboard (Ricoh) that you can incorporate into your lectures if you want.  Below are some examples of instructors using it in various ways to help you get ideas for your lecture.

Social Science Lecture Clip

This segment of Joseph's video is an example of what a lecture can look like using the Parrot teleprompter.  He is in the studio with a white background.  He edited his lectures himself using Cyberlink PowerDirector, and captured his slides separately for better visibility.

Physics Lecture Clip

The clip is an example of an instructor lecturing with different colors of writing.  She also embedded quiz questions into her video using Kaltura in our university's learning management system. This video uses our studio with a blue background.  Caroline captured this video using OBS.

Biology Lecture Clip

This is an example of what an animation looks like on the whiteboard.  Denina is in the recording studio with a white background.

Business Lecture Clip

This clip shows what the whiteboard looks like outside of the studio. Rob demonstrates how you can swipe to the next page by touching the screen.  He also hi-lights his content.  Slides can be captured while you are lecturing for better visibility.  This video was edited by a multimedia developer.