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Learning Objects

What are they?

Learning objects are small units of learning that usually require interaction. When students manipulate parts of the object, their understanding of the concept increases. We have designed all sorts of different learning objects in the past from interactive case studies, to tools to build chemistry solutions.  If you have the content, our multimedia developers can help build a multimedia solution. 

Why would I use it?

Learing objects allow students to interact with content in a self-paced learning environment. They can be an engaging and interactive method of learning while incorporating instant feedback to aid in the learning process.

How do I get started?

Conceptualize the topic or specific lesson you would like to have a learning object created for to support student learning. Contact or fill out a project initation form with your concept in order to begin the collaboration process with the TLC.

Production time

The delivery times for learning objects can vary depending on the scope of the project. The average learning object production time from initial meeting to implementation would be 3 weeks. However, more complicated projects could take longer.