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Multimedia Portfolio

Take a closer look at some of the projects that were created with the help of the Teaching and Learning Centre's multimedia developers. If you are planning a multimedia project for your class, such as a video, learning object, or podcast, contact the Teaching and Learning Centre or complete the Project Initiation Form.

To start a video project for your course, please contact the Teaching and Learning Centre (, or our Project Initiation Form) with your concept in order to begin the collaboration process.

Course Videos

For online or blended courses, videos can help form relationships with students. Discussing important parts of the course, such as assignment due dates, weekly schedules, and communication reinforces ideas and is just one way video can be used in your course. Lecture content can also be recorded so students can view videos online prior to attending an in-class session for a flipped-classroom scenario.


Lab Protocols

Laboratory protocols can be complex. It is important for students to fully understand important procedures in the lab for their learning and safety. The Teaching and Learning Centre can work with you to create high-quality, clear, and concise videos demonstrating laboratory techniques that you can use in class.

Other Videos

The Teaching and Learning Centre can help you develop other videos in your pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. These may include student reflections on practicum placements you may use to evaluation your program, video interviews for award applications, and more.


Photography can be used in many cases throughout a course. Show photos of simulated nursing scenarios, laboratory setups, or diagrams, or use a photo in an application for a national teaching award. For photography help for your course, please contact the Teaching and Learning Centre (, or our Project Initiation Form).

Burn simulation photo Two people looking at a diagram of a housing development 

Three students working in a lab An instructor showing a student an image on a computer screen