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Teaching Tips

As a new or experienced instructor, here are a few tips that you can quickly implement to further your teaching practice.

Consider your course content

  • Ensure that all activities and content are related to the learning outcomes for your course or session -- visit the Constructive Alignment section of the site for more on this. 
  • Aim to break your course content into a number of smaller segments rather than one continuous lecture for each class. This can be particularly helpful for online or hybrid courses.

Use a variety of teaching strategies

  • Become comfortable with periods of silence in your class. Many people need time to formulate their ideas and questions. 
  • Ask students what they think about the specific strategies you are using -- visit the Feedback section of the site for more on this. 
  • Bring the type of energy and enthusiasm to the course that you expect from students.

Engage in reflective practice

  • Continuously reflect on your teaching practice.  Whether you keep a journal of strategies you have tried and the outcomes you observed; connect with trusted colleagues to discuss your classes; engage in professional development opportunities which allow you to examine elements of your role as a teacher; meet with someone from the Teaching and Learning Centre to talk about your concerns, successes and questions regarding your practice - or a combination of some or all of these options - it is good to take the time to consider how things are going and how you might make changes as you move forward.
  • Be kind to yourself and keep in mind that good teaching involves continuous learning.