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Faculty Learning Communities

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Writing to Learn & Learning to Write: Supporting Student Writing Across the Curriculum

Organizer: Dr. Pariss Garramone, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

This collaborative Faculty Learning Community provides an opportunity for an open interdisciplinary dialogue on writing in non-writing classes. Instructors interested in joining this peer-led working group will be able to share insights from their own teaching practice, and we will explore how faculty in higher education have included various forms of writing in their classes to support student learning. Participants will lead the discussions and specific topics covered by the group will be organized around issues of mutual interest.  The group will draw on literature from various fields and use this research, combined with peer mentoring to help members implement writing in their classroom. Together we will strategize best-practices for including writing to learn and learning to write techniques, which often take the form of low-stakes writing, reflexive process writing, and scaffolded assignment design.

Science Education Research Learning Community

Organizer: Dr. Joseph MacMillan, Faculty of Science

This Faculty Learning Community will focus on increasing the role of Science Education Research (SER) at UOIT.  In particular, it will encourage and assist faculty members who are interested in conducting their own education research in their courses and at the university.  The community will also meet regularly to discuss new SER and how to apply it to our classes.

The 10% Other

Organizer: Dr. Rupinder Brar, Faculty of Science

This Faculty Learning Community will appeal to members of the Teaching Faculty at UOIT. The latest Teaching Faculty collective agreement identifies the work that Teaching Faculty conduct outside of the categories of Teaching and Service and labels it Other. This group will meet to share the activities that we are currently doing and spark ideas for new initiatives and collaborations that would be categorized as Other.