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Kaltura Virtual Classroom

Teaching with Kaltura Virtual Classroom - For Instructors

Kaltura's Virtual Classroom is video conferencing software embedded in Canvas, which can be used for synchronous (live) online lectures. This tool is designed to engage your learners with tools such as breakout rooms, quizzes, video/audio capability, and more. 

For an introduction to the Kaltura Virtual Classroom and its features, please view this Exploring Kaltura Virtual Classroom resource.

Learning with Kaltura Virtual Classroom - For Students

You can play this video live for your students at the first class or add it to the getting start section for your first module in Canvas.

Instructions for Students

To join your Kaltura Virtual Classroom session, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the Media Gallery link on the left side of the course, and
  2. Select Join Meeting near the top right corner of the Media Gallery.

Kaltura Virtual Classroom vs Google Meet

For more information on the features of Kaltura Virtual Classroom or Google Meet refer to the comparison chart.

  • A great feature about Kaltura Virtual Classroom is the tool is embedded in Canvas and available to your students through the Media Gallery, if you record videos they automatically land in the Media Gallery where they will be accessible to students and captioned and no additional work is required for the instructor. 


Help and Support

If you’d like one-on-one support using the Kaltura Virtual Classroom or the Kaltura Video Platform, book an appointment with a Teaching and Learning Centre staff by emailing: