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Teaching Scholars in Residence

The goal of the Teaching Scholars in Residence (TSIR) program is to enhance teaching innovation and quality at Ontario Tech by engaging educational leaders who can support educational excellence campus-wide. TSIR recipients will develop teaching innovation initiatives, assess the impact of those efforts, and mentor their colleagues through activities such as workshops, facilitated learning communities, and other instructional development opportunities. TSIR recipients will receive course releases, funding, and support from the Teaching and Learning Centre.

Teaching Scholar-in-Residence Details

  • Length of the Residency: Two (2) years
  • Award Amount: $10,000 over two (2) years
  • Course Release: Two (2) courses per year during each of the two years

Current TSIR Recipients

Dr. Laura Banks

Dr. Laura Banks, Associate Teaching Professor  

Faculty of Health Sciences 

Theme: Diverse Teaching and Learning Experiences – Focus on advancing best practices in innovative technology use to promote teaching excellence within student-centred learning experiences.

TSIR Project: "Hybrid (e-TEACH) Approaches to Enhance Student-Centred Learning Experiences"

Dr. Sharon Lauricella

Dr. Sharon Lauricella, Associate Professor  

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities 

Theme: Learning Assessment – Emphasis on innovative approaches to inclusive, authentic assessment with the aim of improving student learning in a hybrid and/or online environment.

TSIR Project: "Are we having fun yet? Using edtech, feedback, fun, and choice to facilitate inclusive assessment" 

Previous TSIR Recipients

  • Randy Fortier: 2021 - 2023

    Randy Fortier

    Randy Fortier, Associate Teaching Professor

    Faculty of Science

    Theme: Inclusive Student Engagement – Focus on inclusive teaching strategies that encourage greater student engagement, offer opportunities for transformative learning experiences, and employ digital tools in the hybrid and/or online learning environment.

    TSIR Project: "nGauge: Effective Engagement and Agile Instruction using Modern Communication Tools and Real-time Classroom Analytics"