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UDL AlignED Project

The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) has identified Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as an important framework for enhancing teaching and learning at Ontario Tech University. With this in mind, the TLC offers ongoing support for UDL implementation across campus. A major way we support is through our recently launched UDL AlignED project.

UDL AlignED is an initiative focused on strengthening UDL knowledge, application and practice among instructors, teaching assistants, staff members, and others who support any learning environment at Ontario Tech University. This initiative also focuses on the development and sharing of strategies that can improve UDL knowledge and practice.

Join us in promoting and supporting UDL practices at Ontario Tech!

TLC's UDL Resource Centre

We recently launched a self-service UDL Resource Centre, which contains important information to help you better understand the UDL framework and the principles it is based on. Browse our guides to learn more about creating and presenting accessible content, designing more meaningful assessments, and applying UDL in Canvas.

Additional Resources

TLC Workshops are supported by the Teaching and Learning Centre's Educational Developers and offer participants a variety of programs based on their teaching and learning interests and needs

We offer workshops on topics related to Universal Design for Learning every semester. Please visit the TLC Workshops Website for current offerings, and registration information.

The UDL Community of Practice at Ontario Tech aims to provide a space for interested participants to converse and collaborate on field-related topics while building a sense of community. The CoP will explore topics such as guidelines for implementing UDL principles, inclusive instructional design, instructional multimedia design, and accessible instruction.

Please visit our UDL CoP page for details and registration information.