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Learner Engagement Academic Program (LEAP)

LEAP is a highly interactive in-person program, specifically designed to provide students with the skills to ensure a successful transition back into our university community and beyond. Students can expect to apply in-class hands-on activities with external experiential learning opportunities that can include interactions with guest speakers/instructors, individual mentoring, and academic support.

Students who successfully complete LEAP will be able to:

  1. Apply design thinking to identify barriers to successful progression through the post-secondary program.
  2. Create a framework for personal, career, and academic development.
  3. Develop a series of personally-relevant tools that can be used to overcome barriers.
  4. Apply best practices for learning and personal development to discipline-specific scenarios.

Who is LEAP for?

LEAP is for students who are struggling to maintain clear academic standing (a GPA above 2.0). Students who receive the academic standing of "suspension" are eligible for LEAP. Students with other circumstances and academic standings, based on recommendations by their Faculty or academic advisors, may also be eligible.

When is LEAP offered?

LEAP runs for 12 weeks in each of the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer semesters. Each session is a total three hours that combine lectures and coaching. Classes are held in-person on the North Oshawa campus.

How do I get involved in LEAP?

If you become eligible for LEAP, the Registrar’s Office will send an email with instructions for joining the program to your email. Do not share this email with others, as they may not be eligible for the program. If you have other questions about whether or not your academic standing makes you eligible, contact your Academic Advisor.

Can I participate in LEAP if I am not eligible?

No. Only those eligible for LEAP will be enrolled in the program. If you are ineligible for LEAP but interested in resources for academic success, contact your Academic Advisor or check out other supports available through the Student Learning Centre.