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UDL Community of Practice

A community of practice (CoP) involves a group of people (community) with a shared concern, problem, or interest (domain) working together to fulfil individual and group goals (practice).  


What is the goal of the UDL CoP?

The Universal Design for Learning Community of Practice (UDL CoP) at Ontario Tech aims to provide a space for interested participants to converse and collaborate on field-related topics while building a sense of community. The CoP will explore topics such as guidelines for implementing UDL principles, inclusive instructional design, instructional multimedia design, and accessible instruction.

How often will the UDL CoP meet?

The CoP will meet monthly, and will stay connected asynchronously in an online course site. Session formats will include interactive presentations, panel discussions, flash talks, question and answer (Q&As), as well as opportunities for discussion regarding practical starting points, ongoing strategies, feedback on existing practices, or differing perspectives. As a member, you will have access to asynchronous materials and resources through our Catalog course.

How do I register for the UDL CoP?

You can join the growing conversation regarding UDL practice and research at Ontario Tech University by registering as a member of the new UDL CoP. Please fill out the registration form linked below. The CoP is currently open to instructors, teaching assistants, and staff members at Ontario Tech University.

register for the udl community of practice