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What is New Quizzes?

New Quizzes is an assessment engine that integrates with Canvas as an LTI tool and will eventually replace the original built-in Quizzes tool (now known as "Classic Quizzes"). The Classic version of Quizzes continues to be available in Canvas, but it will eventually be phased out and removed from the Canvas environment. Stay tuned for more information regarding the transition from Classic to New Quizzes at Ontario Tech. In the meantime, you can learn about New Quizzes at one of our information sessions, and/or register for the New Quizzes pilot

Want to get a head start?

NEW - Attend one of our Orientation Sessions! 

Want to learn more about Canvas New Quizzes and how you can start implementing it in your courses? Attend one of our Winter 2024 Orientation Sessions.

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Participate in the TLC's New Quizzes Pilot

The TLC is looking for individuals to be New Quizzes Champions in the Winter 2024 terms. These Champions are individual instructors who are willing to learn about and pilot New Quizzes in their courses before the Classic Quizzes functionally is removed from our Canvas environment. New Quizzes Champions could also support and mentor their colleagues in the transition from Classic to New Quizzes. 

Register for the TLC's New Quizzes pilot

What's New


Once New Quizzes is enabled in your courses, you can use this tool to create assessments, leveraging new question types and features. For example:

There are some features and functionalities that are currently missing in New Quizzes although they may be introduced in a future update. Please be aware of the following:

  • Surveys are not supported in New Quizzes
  • There is no option to provide partial credit for Categorization or Ordering questions at this time. 
  • Regrading only applies to completed submissions. If all students will be affected by the regrade, please wait for all submissions before regrading.
  • Only point values can be changed for Categorization questions when regrading; correct answers cannot be changed for this question type.



Respondus LockDown Browser can be enabled when using New Quizzes. However, some functionalities have changed. Please be aware of the following:

  • New Quizzes paired with Respondus LockDown Browser must be accessed by students through Canvas. This will launch the proctoring tool automatically. Attempting to open the quiz from the Respondus LockDown Browser software directly (as it was done in Classic Quizzes) will lead to an error. 
  • Students will not be able to view their New Quiz results through their Grades tab as long as Respondus LockDown Browser is enabled.
    • To view results from a New Quiz paired with Respondus LockDown Browser, the quiz must remain available to students through the Modules, Quizzes, or Assignments tab.
    • Once students open a quiz from one of these tabs, Respondus LockDown Browser will be launched. Students will then be able to access and review their results as per the quiz settings.
    • The quiz results will be automatically locked after the "available until" date has passed.